This Dutch published author has four books with her name on it. Writing has always been her passion, but it turned into therapy after a certain storyline on an American soap had stopped abruptly and harshly. She was pointed at an active group of writers, keeping the mentioned storyline alive and she decided to give it a try.
Thanks to the help of an American proofreader, volunteering to help Syl with the grammar, that try evolved into the Word Soap "As the World Keeps Turning". The daily chapters have found a solid fan base on several places on the Internet.

Then Syl’s four favorite characters of the soap inspired her to step out of her comfort zone even more. In the night of January 11 and 12, Syl dreams about writing a theatre play. A few days later the first chapter is sent to edit. At January 27 the story ‘The World Awaits’ was born.